Sunday, April 8, 2012

Raid on Hyalite, Mar. 31, 2012/3049

For centuries, the Taurian Concordat and the Federated Suns have been at each others throats.  Ever since the Reunification War in the 26th century, the Federated Suns (FedSuns) have held onto choice worlds that the Concordat claims, and every so often a Taurian general gets the idea to raid these worlds to remind house Davion, rulers of the Federated Suns, that the Taurians have not forgotten these age-old grudges.

This game was a short raid featuring a lance of the Taurian Guards taking on two 'Mechs of the 1st Argyle Lancers supported by the local militia of the planet Hyalite

A CP-10Z Cyclops and an EXC-B2 Excalibur of the Taurian Guards begin their attack.
A VTR-9D Victor of the 1st Argyle Lancers and a militia ENF-5D Enforcer advance toward the enemy.

The forces and commanders of this mission for the Federated Suns are:
  • VTR-9D Victor (Leftenant Vernon E. Harris, 1st Argyle Lancers 3/4) run by Jim Pitts
  • JVN-10P Javelin (PFC Victoria Lanchard, 1st Argyle Lancers 3/4) run by Jim Pitts
  • BL-6-KNT Black Knight (Sgt. Maj. Rachel Richards-Tyrone-Davion, countess of Hyalite and commander of the Hyalite Militia 3/5) run by Jay Stribling
  • ENF-5D Enforcer (Pvt. Milagro Rosamaria Naderman, Hyalite Milita 4/5) run by Ed Sansing
  • CN9-D Centurion (Pvt. Kenneth Ramiro Fadel, Hyalite Militia 4/5) run by Phil Young
 On the Taurian Concordat side:
  • CP-10Z Cyclops (Subaltern Baruch Ioannides 3/4) run by Sean Pitts, gamemaster
  • EXC-B2 Excalibur (Cornet Arthur Calderon 3/4) run by Sean Pitts
  • TDR-5S Thunderbolt (Cornet Jordan af Gniphalan 3/4) run by Fred Diamond
  • GRF-2N Griffin (Cornet Gilda Grimfether 4/5) run by Fred Diamond
The Hyalite militia's Enforcer showing off its new Mountain camo.
 The battle began on the open field of Hyalite with the Taurian Guards, haven broken up into two groups, first detected the garrison forces.  Both sides advanced into battle quickly.

Combat begins on both sides of the table.
The Taurians quickly learned that, even though their 'Mechs were heavier, they stood no chance against the fully upgraded might of the Federated Suns.  Things decidedly took a turn for the worse when the Taurians Star League-era Excalibur was destroyed when a lucky punch to the Center Torso (rear) ignited the AMS ammo stored there, destroying the Fusion Engine.

A 400-year-old Excalibur is beaten on by two 'Mechs less than 5 years old.
And then explodes.

Then their commander was killed when his Cyclops was destroyed by fire.

After a few turns of fire, stripping most of the armor from the milita 'Mechs, the remaining two attackers signal their intent to leave the field, retreating back to their dropship and leaving the planet.

Faced with five 'Mechs, the last two attackers begin to flee the field.

(Terrain provided by Jay Stribling. Game run and figures provided by Sean Pitts. Pictures taken by Jim Pitts and Ed Sansing.)