Monday, February 2, 2009

New Gaming Location

Our game last Saturday was our last at The Dragon's Lair as that was also the last day they were open. We talked among ourselves about an alternate location and agreed to try the China Kitchen restaurant just west on Highway 80 from the Dragon's Lair. After lunch Jay talked with a manager and they agreed that we could use their private party room from about 10:30 am (they actually open to the public at 11) until about 3:00 or 3:30 pm. We had to guarantee that we would pay for ten lunch buffet meals, so if we don't have ten gamers show up who will also eat, then those of us who do participate will be responsible for the balance.

The game this coming Saturday (Feb. 7) will be the US Cavalry versus the American Indians. It was originally scheduled by Jay Ainsworth who had to drop out for personal reasons. So Jay Stribling, Jim Pitts, and John Switzer will pool their troops and Jay will be the game master. Please come to help us try out this new venue.

The China Kitchen should be familiar to almost all the regular Jackson Gamers as we tend to eat at the buffet almost every Saturday we have gamed at the Dragon's Lair. It is about 150 feet (more or less, probably more) west of the Dragon's Lair on Highway 80 in Pearl. The following pictures show the restaurant, which is also right next door to a Church's Fried Chicken place.

Looking from the westward direction

Looking from the eastward direction