Saturday, October 17, 2009

Big Napoleonic Game

Today we had a large Napoleonic game at the Fellowship Hall, Fondren Presbyterian Church. The Russian army (Jim Pitts, Clay James, Sean Pitts, and Larry Reeves) successfully conducted a rearguard defense against a superior French army (John Stengel, Ed Sansing, Bill Hamilton, and Phil Young).

Please click on picture to see a larger image.

The Russian Great Redoubt.
Jim defended this important position with two 12-lb position batteries and a brigade of four battalions of infantry. To the right is the town, defended by a brigade of infantry of Sean Pitts' command of which a battalion of jagers is visible.

This game had almost 2,500 infantry and cavalry, plus artillery and commanders. The french had 45 infantry battalions and 12 cavalry regiments. The Russians had 35 infantry battalions and 12 cavalry regiments.

The French were plagued with poor traffic control and troop management. They were only able to get about half of their troops onto the battle field.

The battle itself was patterned after the American Civil War battle at Sharpsburg (or Antietam).

A battle report will soon appear on the Jackson Gamers' web site. LINK