Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Capitania General de Florida, Battle #1 (More Pictures)

As promised on my Col Campbell's Barracks blog, here are some more pictures of the action.  The first three pictures were taken by me and the remainder were taken by "Electric" Ed.  Please click on the pictures for a larger image.

The Asturian militia face off against the Britannian rangers and light infantry.

The left flank Asturian infantry battalion has deployed against the Georgiana militia who are safely skulking behind some woods.

The Britannian rangers and light infantry have broken into the breastworks only to find the Asturian militia has pulled back towards their supports.

Another overview of the battlefield with the Indian stockade in the foreground and the fort clearing in the background.

The Austirian militia mans the breastworks in the fort clearing.

A close-up of part of the above picture.

Another overview of the battlefield from a slightly different angle.  Most of the wooded areas were passable as rough terrain but some of them (such as the one directly in the center foreground) were imapssable thickets of vines, creepers, and swampy ground.

One of the Britannian battalions and the rangers and light infantry commands enter the battlefield.  The mounted officer is the overall Britannian commander, Leftenant Colonel "Roman" Young.

The attack by the rangers and allied Indians against the Asturian militia.

Another shot of that attack.  "Electric" Ed commanded the Britannian rangers and light infantry.

Two of Baron de la Plata's Asturian battalions march towards the action.  The Hibernian battalion is on the right with their bright red coats.

A long shot of the two battle lines, from the Asturian militia and Britannian light infantry and rangers in the foreground to the embattled Indian stockade in the background.  I think the hands belongs to Lord Sterling (Baron de la Plata) (on left) and young Master Sean who commanded the Georgiana militia (on right).

Asturian battalions deploy into battle lines.  The white coated battalion claimed the center against the Britannians while the Hibernians would have to settle for manning the reverse of the breastworks against the advancing Britannian light infantry and rangers.

The Georgiana militia (to the left) and a Britannian battalion (to the right) attack the Indian stockade which is being supported by one of Baron de la Plata's Asturian battalions.
By the way, that is not a Martian tripod, but my camera.

At the end of the action, the Hibernians begin to advance across the fort clearing against the Britannian light infantry.  If you look closely on the left, you can see the remnants of the Asturian militia (blue flag) and just beyond them are some Britannian rangers who have occupied a wooded area behind the Hibernian flank.  Nothing came from this flanking move as the Britannian right flank collapsed.

The Georgiana militia attempts to scale the stockade wall (somebody forgot to make ladders! -- That would have been me.), while the Britannian and Asturian battalions trade volleys.  The Georgiana militia and the Britannians both fell below 50% strength and then failed their critical morale rolls, withdrawing from the battlefield.  The fighting ended as the rest of the Britannians were severely outnumbered at that point.