Sunday, October 19, 2008

Renaissance Battle in Italy

On Oct. 18, Jay Stribling treated us to a Renaissance game using slightly modified Fields of Glory rules. Using troops of Jim Pitts and his own, Jay set up a fictitious battle in northern Italy between the forces of the French king and the Holy Roman Emperor. Players were:

French -- Jay Stribling, Bill Hamilton, Sean Pitts, and Ed Sansing

Germans -- Jim Pitts, Travis Melton, Phil Young, and Larry Reeves

The center of the battlefield with the Germans of Jim Pitts
on the left and the French/Swiss of Jay Stribling
and Sean Pitts on the right.

Jim's attack progresses against the French.

Final fighting in the center

So who won? Common consent was (if I remember correctly) the the Germans would win since they had collapsed the French left flank and penetrated the center, threatening the French baggage park. There is now a full report on the Jackson Gamers web site, see link to right.

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