Saturday, October 11, 2008

Re-Basing Mania

I've heard that all gamers, if they stay at it long enough, will look at units they have completed and decide to re-base them. I have now come to that point. I recently completed 2 Mex-Am War (MAW) Mexican regiments and Larry Reeves painted 2 more for me and I am wondering whether to change my method of basing. I have been using Wargames Accessories metal bases. What I plan on doing is using plywood on top to the base so I can put the name of the unit on the back so they are easily identifiable.

When I started my 15mm MAW army I based them in accordance with Fire & Fury rules. I used 1 x 3/4 inch bases for infantry. I mounted 3 figures per stand, since in F&F losses are by stand not by figure. Cavalry & artillery are on 1 x 1 1/2 inch stands. I used Musket Miniatures line and their packs have 24 figures each, so my units were 8 stands.

In the games we have played unit sizes have been, at the most, 6 stands, so I have toyed with the idea of re-basing the units 4 figures to a stand. If I do this I could also use these units with Brom's Standard rules for MAW.

What I am wondering is can I mount 4 figures on the size base that I have been mounting 3 without it looking to crowded? Here is a picture of a test. In the foreground is the new 2nd Lt. infantry, with 4 per stand, and in the background is the older 1st Lt. infantry, at 3 per stand.

I am looking for comments on which unit looks best.



Jay Stribling said...

I think that the ones on 4-man stands look better than the older 3-man configuration.

Whit said...

I agree with Jay, that the four man stands look better.