Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mayhem in Plasticville

John Switzer treated us to another of his specialized games, this time "Mayhem in Plasticville." As Ed described in the previous post, the Zombies were loose! But that didn't phase Baron Samdhe and his gang of toughs. They knew the redneck motorcycle gang from the local trailer park would come calling. Nobody was going to horn in on their turf!

Here we see the Baron (in the middle in his voo-doo leader garb) and his peeps (from the left) - Shades, Rasta, the Kid (who defected to another gang), Stripes, Levi, Boomer, and Rainbow, the Baron's girl.

The Zombies are coming!!
"There's thousands of them, Mr. Rico!"

Leaving Stripes and Levi to hold the fort, the Baron and his troops advance into the street for a showdown with the motorcycle gang. Notice that the police are more interested in chasing the punks on the skateboards than worrying about what the Baron will do.

But things didn't work out too well for the Baron. After he and Boomer were killed by the bikers, his peeps wiped the bikers out. But there had been too much shooting for the police, so after all the Zombies had been dispatched, they turned on the Baron's boys and shot Shades and Rainbow in the backs. I guess Rasta, Levi, and Stripes will have to "discuss" who will take over from the late, unlamented Baron.

But maybe he will rise from the dead! You never can tell with those voo-doo practioners.

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