Sunday, September 11, 2011

HubCon Report

On Saturday, September 10, Jay and Jim traveled to Hattiesburg for Tim Broome's HubCon.  Although we only played in a single game, we did buy some goodies and saw some old friends.

Travis Melton (center) participated in a WW2 game pitting a small German counterattack in April 1945 against the advancing Russian juggernaut.
Charles Canfield participated in the Field of Glory tournament.
Jay discusses the ironclad rules found on the Jackson Gamers web site with fellow gamer Paul Arceneaux.
The following pictures are of part of the 15mm Napoleonic game run by Travis Melton in which Jay and Jim played.  Jay commanded the French along with David Arceneaux while Jim commanded an Austro-Russian force along with Duane (last name not known - sorry Duane).  It was a hard fought game that came right down to the wire.

Jay looks over the battlefield prior to the action starting.  The scenario was set just before Leipzig (1813) as a small Austro-Russian force advanced through a gap, opposed by a small Franco-Polish-Swiss force.  The picture shows two French battalions and a battery on one of a pair of hills while in the foreground Jim's Russian cavalry and Austrian infantry advance in the attack.

As two Polish battalions advance in support (left rear), the Russian cavalry is poised to attack the flank of the French on the hill while an Austrian and a Hungarian battalion, supported by an Austrian battery, attack their front.

On the other flank, two French infantry battalions in the village and two French cavalry regiments (right) oppose the advance of the small Russian brigade.  In the left background four Swiss infantry battalions advance to counter the Russians as well.

After Jim's Russian dragoon regiment rode over and routed a French infantry battalion off the hill and threatened the artillery battery from the rear, Jay returns Jim's salute of joy with one of derision of his own.  In the ensuing pursuit, Jim's dragoons sabered his gunners and occupied the hill.

Towards the end of the action, the Russian dragoons occupy the hill but are threatened by several French and Polish units.  More Austrians strive to get forward to relieve the dragoons but just couldn't make it.  On the far right, a Polish battalion engages a Russian grenadier battalion supported by the remnants of an Austrian battalion and a battery of Austrian 12-lbrs.  The Swiss were speedily sent scurrying to the rear.

At the battle's end, the French had held up the Austo-Russian advance enough to allow Napoleon to concentrate his army at Leipzig.  But they withdrew during the night as overwhelming reinforcement from the Allied Army of Bohemia began to arrive.

Fun appeared to be had by all in attendance, from FoG tournament participants to historical gamers to 40K gamers to a rather loud and enthusiastic D&D group.

Thanks, Tim for a small but enjoyable local convention!

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