Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bayou Wars 2010

Many members from the Jackson Gamers made our annual trip to New Orleans to participate in the Bayou Wars gaming convention on June 11-13. We also competed with other gaming groups in a gaming competition. The Bayou Wars staff asked each group or club to run 5 games during the weekend. The games were judged and last week we were told we had won the competition. Next year at Bayou Wars our game masters each get a free hot dog!

I ran the first game, a space ship battle based on the Honor Harrington universe. I used the Full Thrust rule set and modified it to fit my needs.

Here is the set up for my game.

Early in the game I am working with one of the Peoples Republic players as he leads a raid into a Manticore controlled system.

The Manties were able to win this when they destroyed a heavy cruiser for the loss of a destroyer.

Our next game was run by Mark Stevens. He ran a Sikh wars game using the Sword in the Punjab variant of the Sword and the Flame rule set.

Here is the set up for his game. Mark is in the maroon shirt.

Late in the game. Jim Pitts confers with Martha Stevens.

Saturday morning Jim Pitts also ran a colonial game using The Sword and the Flame. Jim's game was the relief of the garrison at Wadi Zoum Zoum.

Here is Jim giving instructions at the start of the game.

The garrison, at the wadi can be seen in the middle of the table.

Near the end of the game, British reinforcements have arrived by steamer and are able to hold the garrison.

Our fourth game was by Jay Stribling. He ran a Spanish-American naval battle using his own rule set.
Here is Jay setting up the game. The Spanish had to break out of the port and run along the coast to try and get away from the American blockade. The Spanish commander was able to get 3 ships away which was a major victory for them.

Our fifth game was run by Bill Hamilton. It was a Victorian Sci-Fi game using Aeronuf miniatures and using his own rules. It had a lot of players was was well liked. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of this game.

Other Jackson Gamers ran games that were not part of the competition. Overall we had an excellent time at Bayou Wars and are looking forward to next year.


Bluebear Jeff said...

It looks and reads like it was a lot of fun . . . but a free hot dog as a prize seems a bit miserly to me.

-- Jeff

Bill said...

It's not really about the prize, it's about running interesting games and the players having fun.

Besides, the hot dog bit is a running joke for the con. I saw something about a trophy we will be defending next year.

ColCampbell50 said...


You have to understand that a Bayou Wars hot dog is the epitome of gustatory delight. Wargamers from far and near would go to almost any length for one. Why we might even step away from a game to get one. (Of course, you have to be able to read the sarcastic tone to this reply to fully understand where hot dogs fit into Bayou Wars. Its a "you kinda have to be there" sort of thing!)

But we all had fun, with many good games and re-meeting many good friends.