Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hubcon 2008

The wargamers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi put on a small regional convention in September of every year. Hattiesburg is known as the "Hub City" for all its intersecting roads and railroads so the convention is called Hubcon. This year a large contingent of 11 Jackson Gamers descended on the city to play games, renew friendships, and buy wargaming stuff.

Here a number of the Jackson Gamers gather around a 25mm Franco-Prussian game run by Robert Whitfield, a former resident of Jackson and now living in Hattiesburg.

Other Jackson Gamers take part in a WW2 game using the Command Decision rules.

Jay Stribling, one of the charter members of the Jackson Gamers, ponders his next move in a WW2 Memoir 44 game.

Hilton McManus (on right), a New Orleans area wargamer and a sparkplug behind the Bayou Wars convention, looks over his options in the Field of Glory tournament.

Three of the four Russian commanders (Robert Whitfield, Jay Stribling, and Steve Wirth; your photographer was the fourth) plan their defense of Mother Russia against the French in a 15mm Napoleonic game set during Napoleon's 1812 invasion. We used Travis Melton's set of Napoleonic rules, Sabers & Muskets, which have been designed for convention play.

The four French commanders (Joshua Brown and his dad Mark, Billy Middleton, and Phil Young) plot their attacks on the Russian defenders. Travis' rules are simple and easy to pick-up, perfect for a convention.

From all appearances, a good time was had by all. Our thanks to Tim Broome and the other Hattiesburg gamers for an enjoyable day!

Jim Pitts, your friendly narrator and photographer

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